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2018-2019 General Catalog Archived 
2018-2019 General Catalog Archived [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Emergency Medical Science, Certificate: Emphasis in EMT (High School Career and College Promise (CCP))

C45340HS  Total credit hours: 18

This Emergency Medical Science certificate is designed to prepare graduates to enter the workforce as EMTs. The course of study provides the student an opportunity to acquire basic life support knowledge and skills by utilizing classroom instruction and practical laboratory sessions.

Upon successful completion of all courses in this CCP pathway, the student will be awarded a Certificate in Emergency Medical Science from DCCC and is eligible to take the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification exam. (Note: Students must be at least 18 years old to sit for EMT certification exam.)

Once students complete the certificate they are encouraged to continue their coursework towards an associate degree in Emergency Medical Science. Upon completion of the degree, students are eligible to take the paramedic certification exam.

NOTE: Special legal requirements exist which may limit the ability of an individual to obtain clinical experience, employment, or certification in the EMS field. Prospective students should obtain additional information from a College counselor or program faculty member prior to seeking admission.

Technical Standards

In addition to DCCC requirements and course objectives, there are professional standards that encompass communication, motor skills, sensory and cognitive ability and professional conduct that are essential for the competent study and practice of this program.  EMS Technical Standards  (PDF)

High School Junior Year (Fall)

High School Junior Year (Spring)

High School Senior Year (Fall)

After High School

Continue course work towards Associate in Applied Science degree